Who we are

Clear Ears was established in 2011 by registered nurses Natalie Bossong and Meg Bumpstead, to provide Australians with the same safe, effective and professional earwax removal service offered in the UK.

Natalie had previously undertaken an accredited Course in Aural Care and worked in ENT clinics in the UK specializing in micro-suction and curettage techniques which is predominantly only used by ENT surgeons in Australia.

To ensure Clear Ears Nurses are qualified and practice to the highest standard of care, Clear Ears developed an Australian version of the Course in Aural Care based on the UK Course. Clear Ears Course in Aural Care was the first accredited course for micro suction and curettage technique for earwax removal in Australia.  Clear Ears have recently worked with world-leading blended and digital design experts at Deakin University to develop Course in Aural Care into a digital learning hub.  To read more about the online portal click here.

The Clear Ears team mission is to provide patients with the highest level of service and quality care in safe, effective and professional ear wax removal.

The Clear Ears team are also proud to volunteer with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons/ AUSAid funded Pacific Island Project. The Starkey Hearing Foundation brings the gift of hearing to people in need and develops sustainable Community-Based Hearing Healthcare Programs. The RACS/ AUSAid ENT program in Vanuatu assisting Mr Perry Burstin not only provides ENT treatment for the Vanuatu community but also runs a training program for nurses in Vanuatu and the surrounding Pacific Islands..