What We Do

Clear Ears provides safe, effective, professional ear wax removal under direct vision using microsuction technology and curettage techniques. Clear Ears employs registered nurses who have completed the Aural Care Course and are experts in these techniques working in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards.

The procedure involves the nurse assessing the ear using an O’Scope (head worn microscope) and, placing a small speculum (funnel) into the ear canal to view the ear canal and ear drum. Then, using micro-suction and/ or curettage techniques, any blockage or earwax, can simply be cleared.


1. QUESTIONS & INSPECTIONS – The Nurse will discuss your health, and your ear health with you, and then proceed with assessment using the speculum and O’Scope

2. WAX REMOVAL VIA MICROSUCTION – The nurse attaches the suction catheter to the suction unit and begins the earwax or blockage removal process. This can generate noise and does require the patient to keep their head still.

3. WAX REMOVAL VIA ALTERNATE METHODS – A curette or forceps may be used to gently remove any wax or blockage that is in the ear canal that cannot be removed by microsuction.

4. EDUCATION & REFERRALS – Tne Nurse will explain findings, make recommendations and/or refer you for further health management if this is required.