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Clear Ears Volunteering in Philippines

Posted on December 20, 2017

Clear Ears are delighted to work with Starkey Hearing Foundation

Clear Ears team members Meg and Simone were delighted to be part of the recent Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission to Philippines in November.

Starkey Hearing Foundation has a 4-phase continuous-action model designed to provide simple, sustainable and scalable program utilizing local partners and teams to support their aim “So the world may hear” Phase one identifies and assesses peoples need for hearing aids and takes ear impressions to create custom hearing aids for fitting in phase two. Phase three provides after care education support and maintenance, whilst a new phase four assists with main streaming people out of deafness into active communities once the global teams have moved on.

Hearing is central to communication and enabling people to hear again brings such joy.

Clear Ears have partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to assist in their phase 1 and 2 missions to provide otoscopy services and training in micro suction.  Clear Ears Course in Aural Care is a blended digital learning platform designed to be undertaken anywhere there is internet access, making it the perfect platform for remote teaching. Clear Ears Learning


This phase 2 mission ran over three weeks attending five sites across Philippines – two days in Tarlac, three days in Manila, one day in Palawan, three days in Cebu and three days in Davao with travel and set up days in between.

Over 4800 people were fitted with hearing aids, with over 1900 being treated by the Otoscopy team we were working with. The otoscopy team assess ear health and predominantly perform wax removal, provide treatment for otitis externa, chronic otitis media, and foreign body removal and provide education about ear health via interpreters.

In these missions we always find some very unusual anatomy, pathophysiology and foreign bodies in peoples ears. This mission we found a high percentage of patients had partial or total perforation of one or both ear drums some with complete middle ear erosion. Some people had foreign bodies deep in their ear canal such as the tips of cotton buds that had broken off, insects and even match stick ends!

This was a very successful mission, tiring, sometimes overwhelming, but extremely rewarding. To help those who are at need is an experience that is hard to match.



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