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How Ear Wax Impacts Hearing Aids

Posted on February 20, 2015

Ear Wax Impaction and its Impact on Hearing Aids

It is no surprise to hearing aid wearers that ear wax (cerumen) can effect the function of hearing aids.

The normal self-cleaning processes of cerumen in the ear can be disturbed by the presence of hearing aids. Research suggests that the presence of hearing aids can cause stimulation of cerumen glands, leading to excessive cerumen production, whilst the hearing aid itself stops the normal progression of wax out of the ear, often pushing it into the canal and causing impaction.

Cerumen in the ear canal can cause hearing aids to fit poorly and not seal properly. If there is a poor fit, the hearing aid will not reach peak performance (source).

Current estimates from various hearing aid manufacturers indicate that 60%-70% of all hearing aids sent for repair are damaged as a result of contact with cerumen (source).

It is therefore recommended that patients with hearing aids have their ears regularly examined for impacted cerumen. A Medical Practitioner, Nurse or Audiologist can diagnose and treat wax impaction (source).

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