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Next Clear Ears Course in Aural Care for Audiologists

Posted on January 4, 2016

Clear Ears Course in Aural Care Master Class

The next Master Class for Audiologists of Clear Ears Course in Aural Care will run in February at the University of Melbourne Department of Audiology Campus in Carlton.

The one day course is an abridged master class for experienced Audiologists and has been endorsed by Audiology Australia and New Zealand Audiological Society for CPD points.

Learning objectives of the workshop:

  • Provide audiologists with advanced level knowledge of ear anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology through classroom based learning
  • Enable audiologists, on completion, to safely practice the technique of micro-suction and curettage to remove cerumen through a simulated environment clinical practicum
  • Identify abnormalities that require referral to a medical practitioner through classroom based learning and on-line self directed learning

For further details about the course please see the attached flyer or contact

Course in Aural Care Flyer

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