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Relevant industry groups working together to remove ear wax

Posted on November 20, 2015

Why is it important for relevant industry groups to work together on ear wax?


The General Practitioner, Audiologist, Registered Nurse and ENT Specialist all contribute to the health of our ears. The synergy that lies between these industry groups is paramount to provision of appropriate ear care. From examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention, a patients may require treatment from all of the above industry groups. Identifying the need to involve colleagues is essential for a smooth patient experience and one that is communicated in Clear Ears Mission statement.

‘The Clear Ears team mission is to provide patients with the highest level of service and quality care in safe, effective and professional ear wax removal’.

Clear Ears Nurses perform the technique of micro suction and curettage to safely remove ear wax and rely on colleagues to intervene when necessary. We also work together when training and advancing the skills of our colleagues.

Earlier this month, Clear Ears Nurses ran a master class day course on Wax Management for Audiologists with the objective to teach:

  1. Safe removal of cerumen by the technique of micro suction and curettage
  2. Ability to recognise when a medical practitioner referral is required


Participants of this day course already practice wax management skills but were given the opportunity to reaffirm their skills. The session sparked interesting in-depth discussions on how to approach the removal of ear wax and left the audiologists feeling confident in their skills.

Audiologist removing ear wax

Nurses, Audiologists, ENT Specialists and General Practitioners all examine the external ear and often find ear wax occluding the canal, causing symptoms and requiring removal.

There has been awareness campaigns over the years around the signs and symptoms of ear wax impaction and removal techniques. This has led to an increase in the use of ear wax removal technique, ‘micro suction and curettage’. Why you ask? Because it is arguably the safest, most comfortable and effective way to remove ear wax.

So what does the technique involve?

The procedure involves the nurse placing a small speculum (funnel) into the ear canal and viewing the ear canal and drum with loupes (converged binocular vision glasses) or microscope. Then using micro-suction and/ or curettage techniques, the earwax or blockage is removed. Click here to Clear Ears website for more information and to visualise the procedure.

If you are suffering symptoms of wax impaction, book in via our website to see one of our Registered Nurses.

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